Saturday, January 23, 2010


I did well today. I drank black coffee all day, chewed a stick and a half of sugar-free gum, took my vitamins and calcium (+ diet pill), and had butternut squash soup with saltines for dinner. The overall total was 330 calories, so I definitely made it under the 400 calorie mark. Tomorrow is 200 calories, so it will be a bit trickier. Fortunately, I work during lunch so I can lie that I had a big lunch and wait to eat until later as usual. Sometimes I am just so thankful for working in a cafe, despite the vile food that surrounds me. But I have to admit, the "free meal" that I should be getting pays off in the end so that I don't rouse suspicion. And I am so happy that I lost any of the weight that I gained during my ridiculous 3-day binge spree last weekend. Since I'm not going out tonight, I won't be hung over...meaning that I won't binge either. If I keep this up, then I should lose another five or ten pounds in the next two weeks.


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