Sunday, January 24, 2010


I just checked the ABC diet today, and I realized I was only supposed to eat 100 calories...I thought it was the 200 day. If no one minds, I am simply switching today and tomorrow, so tomorrow I will be limiting myself to 100 instead. It wasn't due to lack of willpower but due to me just not paying attention. I guess it just made more sense in my head for the calories to be decreasing rather than the other way around. But I almost mixed up the third an fourth days (300 then 400, respectively) for the same reason. Fortunately, I caught myself before it was too late that time...

This is what I ate today: 2 pieces of orbit (5 cals), vitamins/calcium chews (45 cals), watered down butternut squash soup (22 cals), 8 saltines (my weakness, 84 cals), and some cherry tomatoes and carrots (30 cals). Brings my total to 186 calories for the day! Success!

Tomorrow is the day that I messed up last time I did the ABC diet, so I am very determined to last. Fortunately, I have class tomorrow and I work twice, giving me very little time to eat anyway. Staying busy always helps me curb my appetite. As of now, I have absolutely no idea what I am going to eat tomorrow because after my vitamins, I will only have 55 calories available. What can you really eat for that anyway? I do have a red bell pepper (30 calories) still stashed in my fridge, so maybe I'll have that.

Anyway, I am going to get back to studying because I have a whole bunch of midterms coming up this week, and I need to stop procrastinating!

Wish me luck tomorrow!

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  1. chicken broth cubes (5 cals) & sugar free jello (10 cals) umm celery, negative calories, cause just eating it, you burn more calories than it is. Any veggie
    Is like NO calories, so yeah. I hope that helped for tomorrow. (: