Monday, January 25, 2010


Okay, so it's basically official since I'm going to bed within the hour, but I beat my record! Granted, I have only tried the ABC once before at the start of the new year, but I am proud nevertheless. Today was the day that I screwed up last time, and I was so determined to succeed. I ate a red bell pepper (30 calories), vitamins/calcium chews (45), a piece of sugar-free gum (2.5 calories), and a bouillon cube (5 calories), bringing my grand total to 82.5 calories. Since the goal was 100, I cam out perfectly and even with a little wiggle room. I want to thank Arii again for her brilliant idea of the bouillon cubes! I still can't believe I completely forgot about them for so long...I'm definitely getting back on track and using one of those little miracles for lunch again in the near future.

Also, I am so relieved that the fasting day is Friday because I have an exam Thursday and early Friday morning. That means that my head won't start hurting from malnutrition until well after I'm done with my exam. I don't know how many people get this feeling, but I pretty much feel like my head's been smashed into a wall most of the time. I wake up with a burning headache every morning, and my arms and legs are so exhausted for no reason. It's probably the anemia thing still, so I NEED to remember to take my iron pills. Unfortunately, they're supposed to be taken with food or else you get nauseous...a little nervous about that. Although, I suppose if I throw up then that's just more weight leaving my system, right? So maybe the iron pills would just be a blessing.

And I am currently torn between the dilemma of wearing cute clothes because I'm starting to fit better in them or continue to wear layers upon layers so that people don't notice the weight jeans are ridiculously loose and needed major shrinkage in the dryer. While I want to look skinnier, I also don't want it to be too obvious and start people questioning since it has been such a short amount of time. I'm debating continuing my layering for a few more weeks until I lose another ten or fifteen pounds. Even though the loss would be more drastic, at least I'll be closer to my goal weight and skinnier than I was in high school. Who cares what people say then? It's not like they can do much about it.

If anyone has advice about that, please let me know. I know that in high school when my pants were all huge on me, people definitely took notice and started whole "concern for you" spiel...very annoying.

Tomorrow: 300 calories!

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  1. show it off!! I would if I could, I fitted into an old pair of jeans last week and immediately wore them out.
    Like yew say, what are they gonna do about it? If anyone says anything yew could always say yew'd lost it over a long period of time, but they haven't noticed cos of all the layers?
    Not sure if that would work haha I'm rubbish at lying but I'd deffo show off my skinniness if I were yew.
    And well done on sticking to your 100 day too