Friday, January 29, 2010


So, today is my fast day. It's going fine right now, and I'm planning on drinking lots of tea, diet ginger ale, and water. I ultimately decided to take the v/c chews anyway because 1) they're not food and 2) I figured I should still get some nutrients. I'm trying to lose weight not trying to deprive my body of essentials...even though I'm indirectly doing that...

I'm frustrated, though, because my head is killing me yet again. I get these horrible headaches basically every day, and it feels as though my head is literally on fire. I wake up with them, I go to sleep with them (or at least try to sleep), and walk through the day in a haze. I don't know that it is necessarily fully diet related, but I know that my lack of eating plays a big role. However, I don't plan on changing that, so I've been trying to come up with an alternate solution to eating. Being anemic doesn't help either because the iron deficiency does cause headaches, in addition to every other symptom I experience on a daily basis. But when I talked to my mom, she told me that I should keep a log of what I eat, when the headaches start or end, and how much sleep I got. Obviously, this would help doctors diagnose my problem, which is probably continuous migraines, but I can't log my food for her. She would be appalled. Soooo, I am just going to have to claim irresponsibility and not do it. I'll probably be reprimanded for not being organized, but I have no other choice.

Also, my neighbor made my roommate some special arabic dinner. I'm sure it is good, but obviously I can't eat or any other day for that matter. Fortunately, I already told my roommate that I feel really nauseous today due to my lack of sleep last night, so she won't try to convince me to try it. And I'm hoping that she won't be trying to convince me tomorrow either. That could get a little awkward.

Anyway, I will update later on my least, I'm determined to succeed. I hope that no one takes offense to my decision to take my vitamins. It is a fast day, so I'm not going to eat any food or drink anything with calories. But on days where there is a calorie limit, that is when I take into account the vitamins and calcium. Does that make sense??? Thoughts?

And if anyone has any ideas for my exploding head, please let me know. Neither tylenol nor ibuprofen actually works for me...

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