Thursday, January 28, 2010

Random thoughts

I'm sitting in my room trying to figure out what I'm going to eat today, and I'm really struggling. I can eat up to 500 caloris, and for some reason, the vast array of options that I have is stressing me out. I'm not even hungry, so nothing is really appealing to me. At the moment, I'm just planning on eating something for dinner, but I have no idea what. I'll probably be on campus studying or something, so my options are quite limited. I could go back to my apartment after my exam and have a lean cuisine, but then my calories for the day are still really low...not to mention once I get home, I lose all motivation to study! My options are: Starbucks and Panera...

Those are my prime study spots because I can load up on coffee and sit there for hours. Unfortunately, Starbucks doesn't have good food options for me (delicious but high in calories), and Panera has too MUCH food for my taste. Plus, I went there yesterday and had vegetable soup. I looked up the nutrition information, and I could get something yummy like a blueberry muffin, drink black coffee or diet coke, and still be well under my calorie limit. Or the parfait gives me a lot more wiggle room. I guess I just need to relax and see how the day goes. My appetite has been substantially reduced to next to nothing, so I know I won't have a problem going over the limit. I'm just stressed...maybe it's because I have exams...I don't know!
Anyway, I'll update later about how I do. Thanks for listening to my random stressing out!

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